kevin gorkofsky & Dr. Edward Karban

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With over 33 years of experience, Kevin is devoted to providing customers with a jewelry store that values honesty and integrity first. His journey started at the age of 22 when he began working part-time for a local jewelry store. Here, he learned everything from the backroom to the sales floor. With a love for creating an unforgettable customer experience, Kevin knew he wanted to share that with his very own customers. In 2001, and after several conversations, Kevin and his partner Dr. Edward Karban teamed up to form a partnership that has endured for almost 15 years. While not having any experience in the jewelry business prior to meeting with Kevin, Ed quickly realized that Kevin not only had a wealth of knowledge but he was also a person of integrity, something not always found in this industry. With Kevin's jewelry expertise and Ed's business acumen, Kevin Edward Jewelers has become known as a trustworthy retailer who believes in treating every customer with respect and fairness. We strive to address the needs of each individual customer, whether you need a watch battery or a custom piece of jewelry. Kevin Edward Jewelers has earned a reputation as a company you can trust with returning patrons for over 25 years! We pride ourselves on "building lasting relationships," and our team is dedicated to creating an experience that our customers will never forget. 

"We feel privileged that our customers visit our store not only from the Farmington Valley but from cities and states throughout the east coast, and we are honored that they choose us for all of their jewelry needs. We believe in building a trust that should never be broken and that no customer should ever be taken for granted. Whether it's their first visit to the store or a familiar face, your continued patronage is the biggest compliment we can receive. Break from the traditional and visit Kevin Edwards Jewelers."

~ Kevin & Edward